Our Mission

The concept for Market Square emerged in part when we started noticing changes in our own consumer behaviour; slight shifts to eating habits, purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices. We all wish to be able to live well whilst eating & drinking the things we actually want, so why shouldn't we? 

Everything across our menu from Burgers & Tacos to Cocktails & Smoothies illustrates that living deliciously can also lead to living nutritiously.

Working with 

Local Growers

We work hard to source local, fresh ingredients wherever possible. It is important to us that our produce is sustainably sourced and leaves a friendly footprint on its journey to us.


Good such as our Salad leaves can be found in Appledore, our Tomatoes are grown near Canterbury and our potatoes are gathered in Thanet/ 

Refined Flavours

Unrefined Sweetners

Let's face it, even the most reserved of us can occasionally cave-in to our cravings and treat ourselves to a bit (or several 'bits') of sugary goodness. 

The sweet-stuff doesn't always have to leave a sour taste though. We make sure that we use NO refined sugars across the Market Square Kitchen, so believe it or not even the most delectable of dishes can still be enjoyed in moderation, are all natural and all far better for our bodies. 

Inclusive Dining 


It's important to us that Market Square can be a social-space for all to enjoy, that's why we've placed an emphasis on including as many Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free items across our menu - as everyone deserves an enjoyable, diverse selection when dining-out. 

Many of our Wines are Vegan and Sulphate-free and most of Beers are Vegan & Gluten Free, so whatever your preference we should have the thing for you, perhaps even a new favourite.